Refs: polymer super-absorbent for organic spills

Macro-polymers to remove organic pollutants from your liquid and solid waste and oily effluents. It uses an innovative technology to internally bind these pollutants in polymer matrices and turn them into a viscoelastic and hydrophobic mass that can be used as alternative fuels in a coal fired power plant. This technology can be used to: 

  • clean up accidental oil spills in water bodies and on paved surfaces
  • remove the pure liquid phase of pollutants
  • wash contaminated soils
  • remove emulsified/dissolved oils and hydrocarbons from industrial effluents and liquid waste
  • remove the animal and vegetable oils, grease, and lipid emulsions from food processing industries’ liquid and solid

Contamination by organic pollutants continues to threaten our environment. 
Refs contain no harmful chemicals, are operator friendly (light and remain dry and powdery after absorption) allowing an easy collection of pollutants such as oils, hydrocarbons, organic solvents and PCB-containing oils, and will not desorb the captured pollutant. In addition, the absorptive reaction time is short, and the used Refs can be completely incinerated and used as a fuel material if the quantity allows.