FOG waste treatment by saponification

Fat, Oil, & Grease (FOG) waste causes numerous operational problems at WWT plants and in food industries. The treatment unit uses the saponification process to chemically transform these macromolecules into short-chained, easy-to-handle molecules and fluidise the FOG waste. 

The treatment unit can be installed on site at WWT plant and food production site, or a mobile treatment unit (a vacuum pump track) can provide an on-site treatment service to small-scale operations such as restaurants, hospitals, and commercial facilities where grease traps cause a recurrent problem such as bad odour, frequent cleaning, etc. 

Saponified FOG waste may be discharged directly into a sewage (if authorised) as saponified and soluble FOG waste are proven to be a bio-booster. It can also be fed into an anaerobic digester to boost the biogas production.