About Us

– Our mission –
To promote the transfer of technologies and innovations
in the Energy & Environment sectors

-Our vision-
We believe that the transfer of technologies and innovations
in the Energy& Environment sectors is the key
to achieve a circular economy for our futur generations.
A circular economy must be a global standard, and shared.

-About Prometek-

Our work requires us to visit exhibitions in Europe and in Japan, and sometimes elsewhere. We see the difference, and we feel the difference even though the majority of Energy & Environmental problems are shared by all of us in the world.

Our idea is simple: Since the problems are shared, why not share the solutions as well? Sharing the technologies and innovations in Energy & Environment sectors saves time (and money). There are good solutions here and there, and if we pick them all up, it would solve the problems quicker.

We work with Japanese companies because Japan hides many great technologies and products from the world. Only 4 % of Japanese SMEs export  while in other industrial countries, it is more than 20%. The rest of 96% would love to export, but they don’t know how. Linguistic barrier is another problem. It is the same for the technology transfer from Europe. Many SMEs are eager to obtain new technologies, but they don’t know how. 

Prometek wants to help globalise these Japanese companies. We are sure that many of you will have an excellent experience working with these hard-working and humble Japanese companies.  Our goal is to help building a trust relationship between you and your Japanese partner.

Dr. Yumiko SOULIER is a Japanese native with a profound knowledge in the technologies and their applications used in the Environment and Energy sector (Ph.D from Neuchâtel University, Switzerland and MS from University of Colorado at Boulder, USA in Environmental Engineering). Her thorough understanding of environmental issues allows correct evaluation of the importance of technologies and innovations in the sector. She has spent more than 20 years in Western countries, and speaks Japanese, English, and French fluently. She knows how to « break the ice » in sometimes difficult business situations. 

Dr. Yoshiyuki ABE is a technical advisor since 2018. He has more than 40 years of experiences as a research scientist in the field of thermodynamic and mechanical engineering. Throughout his career, he had been actively involved in the promotion of public private partnership. He is located in Tokyo.

Prometek also works with independent consultants in Japan and elsewhere. They have a life-long experience in Water and/or Energy sectors. Our clients can take advantage of their experiences and knowledge.