Prometek promotes the transfer of technologies & innovations
in the Energy & Environment sectors from Japan, and to Japan.

We act as an intermediate to create synergy 
and provides services that facilitate the mutuel development
between you and your Japanese partner.

Only 4 % of Japanese SMEs (Small & Medium Entreprises) export, and Japan is the 3rd biggest economy of the world.
If you are curious about the 96 % of products buried in Japan,
we can mine them for you.

If you are looking for acquiring a new technology to expand your business, we can help you find a Japanese partner. 

We work with Japanese SMEs and promote technology transfer. The Japanese company will have an opportunity to have their technology recognised outside of the country, and you will develop stronger in your business territory. We present some opportunities. If you are seeking a specific technology, we will help you find it in Japan.

If you seek to increase your product list and reinforce your services, adding a product from Japan  may be a solution. 

Many Japanese products are available only in Japan because they are manufactured by SMEs without enough resources and network to export their products. We can mine these buried products. We present some, but if you are seeking a specific product, we will help you find it in Japan. 

If you seek to enter the Japanese market, we will help you find a local partner. Business in Japan without a local partner is simply a holy grail in vain…

We regularly attend Japanese exhibitions to study the market trends, and we know how to evaluate the potential of your product in Japan. Depending on the product or technology, we will select some candidate companies and contact them directly. Japan is actively seeking new products and technologies.

You want to develop a global sales network, we will use our know-how to help you do so.

Through our experiences, we learned how to develop a global sales network. This know-how can be used for your product. Global sales network is no longer an advantage of multinational giants. SMEs with a unique product can have distributors in different countries and offer them a unique business opportunity.